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Pain As Teachers Dupe Parents Into Buying Books For Commercial Purposes Rather Than Intended Purpose

The schools are getting closed tomorrow as per the ministry of Education's calendar.However,some schools have already closed.A spot check across different towns would reveal many students going home from schools after closing.Students are going to stay home for only next week before resuming back.

There are issues that have been biting the parents.The issues of school fees and the textbooks are set to greatly affect the parents due to the short time given as holiday.The parents had initially complained about the high cost of the CBC textbooks.Most of the parents would not afford these textbooks due to high prices.

Luckily,more revelations about the parents' cries are out.The Kenya Private Schools Association chairperson,Mutheu Kasanga has revealed that some teachers have colluded with the publishers to make parents buy specific books for just commercial purposes instead of the intended academic purposes.This means that the teachers are likely to be getting some token from the sales.This is a setback not only to CBC but to the parents in general as revealed by

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Kenya Mutheu Kasanga


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