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Student Unrests solution lies with the parents

Student unrests through fires, boycotts, strikes, and destruction of property is no new issue experienced by the ministry of education in Kenya. This very problem has been experienced throughout the modern age and most of the 21st century.

In 2013, the student council was established as a way to mitigate this unrest by acting as the bridge between the students and the administration. However, this has proved unfruitful by massive destruction of property recorded in recent years. This is a clear indication that the problem doesn't lie within the school or the children.

Parents/ guardians are said to play a huge role in the growth of a child. They are also the first teacher through their words and actions to the child. It is, therefore, safe to rule that this problem originates from home than school.

Furthermore, modern society has birthed behaviors such as demonstrations and violence as a way of communicating against laws and policies established by the ruling system. This very behavior is adopted by children as a way of manifesting unrest.

As the saying goes, charity best begins at home, it is the parent's duty to guide their children against violence by embracing nonviolent ways when communicating their unrest. Like the traditional society, the 21st century should embrace the communal role of raising a child. This is because the fires, violence, and destruction affect the whole society as a whole. To solve the problem, the solution must be derived from society itself.

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