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Why Kenya's New Curriculum CBC Could Become a Threat to Private Schools

Currently there is a big debate on various media platforms regarding the fate of Kenya's New Competency Based Curriculum and it's general reception since it was launched by former Education CS Fred Matiangi. One of the main bones of contention has been the cost of this new system, which has skyrocketed due to the costs of learning materials which have also increased.

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With one of the main agendas against CBC being the constantly rising cost of education, parents could be tempted to consider cheaper options to meet CBC requirements if the government maintains its stance. Parent could therefore consider public schools as alternatives to private schools in a bid to balance fees and the cost learning materials. This is a move that could hit private schools, and even force them to review or negatively adjust their financial demands and requirements from guardians to compete public schools.

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CBC has brought with it a number of activities which have seemingly been rising as learners move to the next grades. This has also seen the cost of books rise and in some schools even surpassing school fees. The cost of books put together with school fees and additional regular requirements, more so in private schools, has proven to be unbearable to many parent who could find relief by shifting to public schools. Meanwhile in public schools, parents would save school fees and cost of books as they are supplied by the government.

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Unfortunately, finding space in public schools, especially those in major towns is becoming a problem. But if the government insists on maintaining CBC, parents would be forced to move from privates and seek slots in public schools most of which are already packed.

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