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Facts About Professor George Magoha That You Probably Didn't Know

Professor George Magoha was appointed as the cabinet secretary for education in the year 2019, he is the current minister for education in Kenya, he replaced Amina Mohamed, because Amina was going to minister sporting activities. Professor George Magoha has been able to provide good leadership everywhere that he goes to by strictly following his rules.

Professors Gorge Magoha was appointed as the vice Chancellor of the university of Nairobi in the year 2005, this is one of the best institution of higher learning in Kenya because it has the best experienced lecturers. After assuming the office of the vice Chancellor of the university of Nairobi in 2015, he re-established the institution by keeping lecturers on toes so that they do not skip lessons as they usually did.

He reduced the number of students strikes which were being witnessed every time in the University of Nairobi because this was one of the major problem that was inhibiting learning in the university. He managed to do it by holding talks with students concerning striking, the students aired out their problems and Professor Magoha managed to solve most of them.

As a minister for education, he managed to introduce a new learning curriculum, that was in last year. He launched it and now it is in effect, the reason of introducing this new curriculum was because he saw that the old curriculum was only teaching pupils how to excel in exams only. He did this by making a lot of changes in terms of learning materials and the mode of studying, parents are now involved in assisting their children in doing school work.

Professor Magoha is also an author, in the year 2017 he wrote and published a book called Tower of Transformational Leadership when he was still the vice Chancellor of the university of Nairobi, he wrote it because he wanted to teach people about the importance of having good leadership skills.

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