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Chemistry Practicals Expected to Boost Students on Thursday

The Wednesday kiswahili papers brought a ray of hope to the students. Hue and cry as well as despair had already overtaken the candidates.The future glaring at them with with little hope. The Chemistry theory and Maths papers had proved to be a hard but to crack. The fb posts an eye could easily meet were nothing but complaints about the exams. I bet you are not the only visitor in Jerusalem! Take a look at the posts after Chem paper 1

On Wednesday the tune changed for the better. Thanks to our kiswahili teachers. Exams seemed a walk over. Dreams have been re-kindled and the flying colours dreams restored. Students have generally nodded to the fabulous job by their teachers. After taking on Kiswahili paper one and two, smiles radiated the beautiful faces.

This is encouraging to both parents and teachers. How would you feel if you heard your beloved kid utter words like 'Nmeona zero yangu ikienda kwa gari!' And you were devoted parent who always cleared fees in time. Let's continue encouraging our dear candidates as the draw near the end of the second week.

On Thursday, chemistry practicals will be determining their final fate in chemistry. The expectations are high. Everyone is hoping to get a titration, qualitative aspect and qualitative analysis. We believe they will perform greatly.

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