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The Only Secondary School In Kenya That Ever Used State House As Their Dormitory (PHOTOS)

State House of Kenya is the official residence of the president of Kenya who is currently Honorable Uhuru Kenyatta. The house is known for its green garden, high end facilities and tight security system. However according to records, the state house was once used by Lenana School as their dormitory. By then the school was known as Duke of York School and was reserved for white students who only came within Kenyan colony. The students were drawn from sons of British settlers and farmers.

The students from the school were briefly housed in this powerful house as they awaited their dormitory to be completed, which was by then under construction. Thus the students enjoyed high end lifestyle in the state house. What amazing!

Later after Kenya has achieved independence, black students as well as some few Asian students started joining the school. Unfortunately, these pioneer students did not find it easy in the school as they experienced severe conditions and discrimination from whites. In 1970s black teachers also started joining the school although discrimination was still rampant. However, as time moved by, things changed to better.

Therefore according to Kenyan history, there is no any other school that ever used the state house as their dormitory. Having said that below are amazing pictures of Lenana School.

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