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Technical and Humanities Teachers Request TSC to Reconsider the Minimum Weekly Workloads

The latest circular from the commission has been urging school administrators to update the school and teachers' details on the Teacher Management Information System (TMIS) portal. Exclusively, it has really been a busy schedule for the school administrators in the past few weeks as they have been racing against the dateline to update the school geographical status, the teachers workloads, teachers on study leave, and also gender-based subject enrollment among others.

But according to reports, the main agenda was to find out the teachers' workload and the school subject enrollment, which should tally with the one updated on the NEMIS portal. TSC exclaimed that teachers should be having a minimum workload of 25 lessons per week. Therefore, having lessons less than the aforementioned scale means a teacher is underworking, and needs to be allocated with more lessons to meet the minimum threshold. However teachers with optional subjects from single-streamed schools faces a great disadvantage, and have humbly requested the commission, through the Sub-County directors, to review the policy so that their well-being is catered for too.

According to one of them, for instance, a high school teacher with CRE/Hist combination can teach a maximum of 28 lessons per week, only if he/she teaches the whole school. With such, the teacher can't be effective enough, and also there are some teachers who should be allocated with some CRE and some History to salvage their stay in the profession. Doing so means they will end up having less than the required number of weekly lessons that the commission want.

Therefore, they urged the commission to reconsider the minimum workloads for teachers of humanities and technicals with optional subject combinations who are from single-streamed schools so that they could not face adverse consequences in future if the issue is not addressed now. They claimed that having such directive, to them, is just unrealistic and such teachers can't just do anything to add more lessons to meet the minimum workload threshold even if they add all the P.E. and Life Skill lessons.

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