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Facts about Kenyan universities that KCSE 2021 students should know

As students continue raising anxiety and zeal to join various campuses in the country, they should be aware of some facts about the life they will experience. The truth is, campus life is not easy at all. Many have a thought that the life is happiness all time.

Campus life has lots of challenges which requires struggling to exist there as the survival is for the few who fits there. Here are the three main facts about campus life that students who are yet to join universities should know.

1. HIV/AIDS is very real

If there is a place where HIV/AIDS is real, it is in most Kenyan universities. It may seem as a joke but when you don't take care of yourself while in there, you will agree with me. The bad thing is nobody will care if contact the disease in the campus.

Students get into these danger due to lack of self control as nobody is there to give them guidance and counseling. It is assumed that every student is a man/woman who can control themselves.

To make matters worse, those who accidentally get this disease spread it rapidly by sleeping with others especially the first year students in the name of revenge. Please take not of this before joining your university of choice.

2. Sleeping on an empty stomach

For the continuing students, sleeping on an empty stomach is normal as they are used to doing it. It reaches a time when all does go well to an extent of just drinking water and sleeping. You may call home for assistance and receive a feedback which is not appealing any more. It's normal. Do not give upas after all you won't stay there forever.

3. Risky love relationship

In all campuses, love relationships exist. But to make it worse, many of them does not last longer. The end end of these relationships is not often good at all as some end up in death. This is because of cheating which is rampant. For the students who are preparing to join any university, they should avoid this at all costs.

Just have a recap of what took you there before getting involved in these kind of behavior.

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