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Teachers Exposed After Minet Contract Expiry, Union Demands Sh 8.9 Billion Extra For New Deal.

Kuppet sectary general Akello Misori in a past function.

Teachers employed by teachers service commission are now left vulnerable on matters health insurance cover after the expiry of Minet contract on October 31.

Kenya union of post primary education teachers sectary general Akello Misori has urged the government to disburse extra KSH 8.9 billion to national hospital insurance fund to offer comprehensive medical cover.

According to Misori, the teachers are left exposed given that the new deal hasn't been signed whereby NHIF requires KSH 23.9 Billion to provide the comprehensive coverage.

The previous Minet contract used to cost teachers KSH 15 billion which came from their medical allowances of KSH 9 billion with the government adding the balance of KSH 6 billion.

"We are calling upon Parliament and Treasury to urgently provide funds for teachers medical scheme which is currently under review", said Misori.

In 2019, the teachers service commission offered Minet a contract to cover teachers for three years ending October 31, 2022.

Teachers will now remain hopeful that the impasse is resolved in time so that they can know Their next insurer.

Complaints about Minet's service delivery from teachers were a norm with Numerous calls to have the insurer replaced.

Would you wish NHIF to take over from Monet? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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