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Only Schools That Have Met The Following Conditions Should Be Allowed To Open(opinion)

Eighteen days have passed since the government called off face to face learning and teaching in all Kenyan teaching and learning Institutions due to rapid spread of Corona virus cases in Kenya.This was actually a good idea since it aimed at safety of every Kenyan.

Ministry of education through the cabinet secretary professor George Magoha confirmed yesterday that the schools will reopen in May without failure.This comes about when the corona virus cases have slightly reduced for the last two consecutive days.

My opinion as a concerned Kenyan citizen is that, opening schools is not bad idea since education sector is also suffering,but to be sincere,the corona virus rate is still unpredictable.It might reduce today and rise tommorow when the measures are not taken with seriousness.

My suggestion is that schools should meet the following conditions to be allowed to open for safety of each and every Kenyan.The schools should have specious classroom and enough desks to facilitate social distancing,the schools should install well and regularly working water points to facilitate regular hand washing and lastly each school should have atleast a thermogen and hand sanitizers.

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George Magoha Kenyan


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