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Why Some Students Perform Poorly In Their Examination

It is the joy of every parent to see his or her child pass exams and join the next stage of learning.Hard work is normally rewarded nearly in all schools in the world.

All schools heads as well as teachers are also happy to see his school and subject being the best respectively.

The vital reason why learners go to school is to acquire knowledge and skills to enable them be responsible citizens.The following are the reasons why some students perform poorly in their examination

Poor study habits that is many tends to covered alot that their brain cannot accommodate.

Negative attitude towards the teacher and subject thus hindering them from listening and reading respectively.

Lack of consultation even if they never understood the concepts.

Poor time management for example some spend alot of time tackling challenging questions.

Absentiseem this mostly common to day scholars.

Going to exams rooms without required resources for example going to mathematics exams without calculator or tables.

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