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Just In: New Changes In Teachers Training Recruitment

The government through the ministry of education in partnership with the teachers service commission has announced changed to the recruitment process for applicants seeking to join the teachers training colleges.

In a new directive that was issued by the principal secritary for early learning and basic education Julius Jwan,all applications will be conducted by the Kenya universities and colleges central placement service.

The new system will now see applicants placed into training colleges the same way their university and colleges counterparts are admitted.

The new recruitment formula is aimed at enabling all applicants are benefiting from the higher education loans board assistance like other students.

The new directive means that Kenya certificate of secondary education candidates can choose to be selected for diploma in primary teacher education or early childhood development teacher education.

Auditor general has been given a go ahead to audit finances which includes money schools recieved as grants and donations donations which are subjected to public finance management laws.

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