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TSC Reveals Why Teachers Have Been Missing Higher Salaries During Negotiations

The teachers' agitations towards better salaries are seemingly not far from over,the recent CBA negotiations between the teachers and the unions have revealed a lot.In the just concluded salary negotiations,the teachers unions and TSC agreed to begin a new round of CBA negotiations of the new salary within a year.The CBA that was signed will cover 2021-2025.It is from here that teachers will start getting more salaries.

Today,TSC has rolled out the much anticipated and initially opposed tpd modules trainings that will start soon.In the modules, teachers will go through 6 modules in 30 years with one module taking five years.The teachers will have their certificates renewed after every five years until they retire.

The Commission has now revealed why teachers have always missed out in getting huge salaries during the salary negotiations.TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia has said that during the salary proposal negotiations,the teachers have always been referred to as either unskilled or semi-skilled.This has barred the commission from the higher salaries for its employees.Its hands have been tied in the negotiatiations for the teachers.She has now said that the profession will now be respected just like other professions.

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