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Possible Solution The Government Should Consider In Dealing With Students' Strike

Kenyans have witnessed unrest among our students in secondary schools all over the country. Some have gone to an extent of setting the school properties on fire.

The question remains what is the main reasons for all these? It started with the transfer of the school principals where students where either trying to fight for the principal they've known to remain or did not like the new principal.

According to me, the new learning timetable and program is not favourably to the students. They are fed with to much content within the shortest time. For example the contents which earlier will be taught in three months is currently taught within a month. This is actually straining the students too much.

The Ministry of Education is trying to get the term timetables in order as before the interruption of COVID-19 pandemic. However they should consider this young minds in such that they should just let the learning flow untill it gets on track slowly by slowly.

School visiting days, outings and other extra curriculum activities should be allowed. This will do away with the boredom in boarding schools who are actually in forefront in the current school striking.

Many students have been injured and properties destroyed and the government together with the Ministry of Education should take an immediate action to save the situation.

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