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TSC: Categories of Teachers who Are Likely to Secure Permanent Jobs in Feb's TSC Replacement Jobs

TSC revealed the category of teachers who are likely to secure permanent jobs in February's Teachers service commission (TSC) replacement jobs together with subject combination and year of graduation. If one succeed to secure the permanent job then he/she will enjoy TSC salaries and pensions.

The interview for this category will be conducted as from 11th to 17th February. Those teachers who are working under internship contract and have evidence of the internship program are highly advantaged and may be considered with 30marks in their favour before anything else.

Following the revision of 2022 recruitment score sheet, teachers with diploma also stand a better chance. The recently releases scoresheet diploma teachers will score similar marks with degree teachers at the same level of qualifications and same year of graduation.

This comes after Kuppet recently gave TSC 21 days to come to the negotiating table or they will mobilize their members to go on strike. Kuppet want a 30- 70% salary increment.

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