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Kipsigis Girls Closed Indefinetly

Kipsigis Girls students

Earlier today, Kipsigis Girls High school was closed and students went home following a strike.

According to the students, they couldnt take it anymore as their grievances were not heard. Students were not contented with the food quality, security and also they did not want their school principal to be transffered.

Kipsigis Girls High School

During the strike, no student was harmed. The strike started at about 2 am in the morning and went to Kericho town at 4 am. Kericho town is just 3 kilometres from Kipsigis. The school was closed and students were told to go home untill further notice.

However, no school properties was damaged since the students were already sent home to contain the situation.

The main cause of the strike was because of their principal. After it was confirmed that their principal will be changed, they decided to go on strike. They students did not want the principal to be changed.

Nonetheless, those students coming from other parts of Kenya like Nairobi, Mombasa and other far places were retained as they are awaiting for official evacuation from the school.

Students Kipsigis Girls, photo courtesy

The school is to organise for their evecuation since the strike was so indefinate.

The school has been perfoming well in their KCSE exams and this strike could affect their future perfance if it is not well taken care of very soon.

In 2018 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results, the Kipsigis girls had a good perfomance as they went against all odds beating up the education sector to come up among the best three schools in the county with a mean score of 8.00 and taking hundreds of girls straight to the university.

“Trusting in God, Discipline, teamwork, completing the syllabus and creating sufficient time for revision are among the reasons that we attribute to consistency in impressive academic performance,” Dr. Kirui said

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