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Meet Top 2 Best National High Schools In Kiambu County

1. Alliance Girls High School.

Alliance girls high school is a public national boarding secondary school for girls only located in Kiambu County and 10 Kilometers away from Nairobi City, the capital city of Kenya.

The school was founded in the year 1948 by the Alliance Protestant Mission as a small school to promote education of native Africans and children of white settlers.

Alliance girls is well known for excelling in both local and national examinations. For instance, in 2020 KCSE examination, the school posted an impressive mean score of 10.18 which is a B+ (plus). The most interesting part is that 381 candidates from this school managed to score above C+ (plus), which is the cutoff grade for direct university admissions. The good academic performance of Alliance girls is due to best modern infrastructures that it possesses. Such infrastructures include the library, classrooms, playing grounds and dormitories.

2. Mang'u Boys High School.

Mang'u high school was established in 1925 by Mr. Michael Joseph Witte. It is located in Kiambu County along the Nairobi-Thika road six kilometers from Thika town.

The school has kept good academic performance records since it's establishment. In 2020 KCSE examination, Mang'u boys posted a mean score of 9.868. It is one of the schools in Kiambu county that boasts of good infrastructures.

Mang'u boys is the only national public school in Kenya that posseses an aeroplane. It became the first Kenyan secondary school to introduce Aviation Programme in 1939. Aviation Programme was introduced by the Marianist Brothers. The programme has enabled students to learn more about technical skills like thermodynamics, meteorology and propulsion.

Mang'u high school is also known to perform well in co-curriculum activities such as rugby, volleyball, athletics, basketball, music, long tennis, badminton, hockey and netball.

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