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Things That Can Cause a Teacher to Face Disciplinary Action

Source: TSC portal

Teachers are required to work with good ethics just like in any other profession to avoid being dismissed from Teachers service commission (TSC).

The following are actions that if you do as a teacher you will face disciplinary action;

1.Stealing from school or from other colleague teachers

This commonly applies to school heads who manages school resources, if you are found guilty of embezzlement of school funds you will face disciplinary action and you might me sacked and arraigned in court of law.

2.Sexual misconduct

If you are accused of engaging with sexual activities with a student you will face disciplinary action from the county education office and if found guilty you will be deregistered from the service.

3.Drinking alcohol while at work

TSC rules and regulations does not limit a teacher from drinking alcohol but it doesn't allow drinking within the school compound which will reduce their work efficiency hence teachers who are alcoholic will be summoned before being dismissed.

4.Fighting or assaulting student or member of staff

Teachers should act as role models to students so when teachers engage in physical fight it destroys the image of the school. If teachers engage in fighting they will lose their jobs.

5.Racial discrimination

Schools are meant to create national unity and equality among teachers and students hence racial discrimination is against the TSC code of conduct. If a school head is found to be discriminating teachers during employment or within the school he will be answerable to it also if teachers discriminate students based on races or other factors they will be summoned before the county education committee before forwarding the case to TSC which may lead to being dismissed.

Teachers are encouraged to keep good working relationship within the school and follow all set rules and regulations from their employers to avoid getting themselves into problems.

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