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Tengecha girls principal among ones to be celebrated on teachers day for her warm heart

Teachers in Kenya should honor and aspire to be like the principal of Tengecha Girls High School in Kericho county on this International Teachers Day. Hellen Mabese, the principal of the school, made the decision to fuel the bus so that it could transport children from the school to Nairobi.

This took place after the schools were unexpectedly shuttered on August 1 in preparation for the national elections. It could be challenging for students to contact home and request transportation costs. The school's headmaster selflessly drove the pupils to Nairobi. The students' various houses were now easily accessible from the City.

Every other instructor ought to follow your example. They ought to take care of their general well-being in addition to imparting their knowledge and experience to students.

This kind-hearted woman would surely be praised by educators around the nation.

Given that it is Teacher's Day, all the other instructors who have performed admirably should also be honored; after all, this is the tale of a successful country.

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