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Bachelor Of Commerce Is Allegedly A Flooded Course In Kenya

With the growing unemployment rate in Kenya, it is advisable to seek out more information on the course you want to pursue that will land you a job. The least marketable courses in Kenya have little to no jobs in the current employment market. In addition, their demands is believed to go down in the near future.

Therefore, for any student joining any institution be it college or University, they might be asking about the best degree or diploma to pursue to consider it as a marketable in the current job market.

One of the courses believed to have flooded the market is Bachelor of Commerce. Abraham Mutai wrote on his tweeter account alleging that the course should be removed in Kenyan Universities saying that the course is a total waste of resources, finance and time.

"This course called in Kenyan Universities should be removed. Total Wastage of resources, finances, time and waste of life. Let people pursue CPA," he said.

This led to mixed reactions with his followers who had to say;

"Almost all courses are useless in Kenya, electrical and mechanical engineers are jobless, pharmacists are jobless, teachers are jobless, there is no course that is useless. It can be said that Mechanical engineers should also do mechanics,"

"Everything depends on opportunities that come your way. Some people who did medical courses are complaining too. Nevertheless, proper review of various courses offered in various universities is needed. Some are better offered as diploma,"

" is taught worldwide, what is this with Kenyans borrowing Western concepts then acting like they understand it better than anyone else in the world? CPA is only accounts, which is only one subject in,"

However, there are other courses that are believed to have flooded the market such that graduates find it hard to secure a job in any organization in Kenya. The least marketable courses in Kenya includes;

1. Chemical Engineering

2. Mass Media

3. Political Science

4. Sports Science

5. Theology

6. Psychology and Counseling

7. Criminology

8. Hospitality

9. Art Courses

10. Anthropology

11. Library

12. Records Management

13. Forestry

14. Meteorology

15. Environment Science

16. Business Administration

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