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'Schools Propagating Indiscipline Risk Closure' PS Nabukwesi

KCSE candidates are going on with their national examinations for the third consecutive week. The exercise has moved on peacefully however with a few hurdles. Some incidents of examination cheating allegations have been reported though all of them have been dismissed by the Ministry of Education.

A few cases of teachers being involved in examination malpractice have emerged as one secondary principal was arrested after posting examination on her whatsapp status prior to the real. A student stormed from the examinations room and brutally vandalized a police vehicle then disappeared into thin air.

However, one incident which has shocked many in the Ministry of Education fraternity is that of KCSE candidates ganged up at night and stormed a girl with their intention yet to be known. Ten boys from Anestar Boys High school Bahati, in Nairobi County are currently under police custody for sneaking into their neighbouring Anestar Girls High school at night.

This incident has caused uproar from kenyans and police detectives are now deep into investigations trying to understand the situation and the motive for the heinous act.

The heat is now turning on the school management of the school including the manager, the principal, deputy principal and the teachers on duty. The incident is now becoming a hot potato as parents and the management are now in nasty altercations.

Speaking to the media the PS for University Education and Research Simon Nabukwesi has threatened that any private school which encourages indiscipline will be closed. The PS said this blaming the management of Anestar High school.

The PS insisted that, the Ministry is waiting for the findings of police detectives in order to make appropriate decision. Indiscipline has become a great challenge in most secondary schools in Kenya. Students are becoming unruly and teachers are in grave danger. Teachers have been attacked and fatally injured by students. Others have lost their lives from such attacks.

However, it is high time the Ministry of Education to come up with proper ways of handling indiscipline incidents to ensure that those learners involved in these action are punished severely.

These are the future citizens who should be trained be responsible and obedient otherwise our society will be full of rotten character.

Closing schools may not be the best decision ever as those schools harbour good disciplined students who will be affected by this move.

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