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Good News To Parents Whose Children Did Their 2020/2021 National Exams

The School calendar has had a drastic change since the beginning of last year when the country's health care system was affected by the entry of Coronavirus.

The ministry of education had to amend the school calendar to fit the current state of the country's health care system because of Coronavirus, and since education is the only harpoon to succeed the government has been at the forefront to help those parents who are not able to provide for their children to have access to education.

For those children who did their best during their exams and scored highly, they are joining the National schools that in the past used to be paid more fees, but currently there is much reduction in the amount that has to be paid by the parents.

The amount of money that is to be paid for by the parents who have children joining the National and extra county schools in this academic year is 45000 which is much less than it used to be, for those joining the sub-county schools they are just going to pay just for lunch if the school demand so.

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