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OPINION: Is Competency Based Curriculum good for Kenya? Is all that is being said about CBC true?

Compentency Based Curriculum is a new system of education is a new system that has been put in place in Kenya. Is a 2-6-3-3 system which has replaced the 8-4-4 system that was previously in place. Many of Kenyans are still in dilemna if the system will work well.

8-4-4 system was seen as a disadvatageous because it involved a lot of theory with little practicals. Students have been learning a lot of stuffs which they don't really apply in real life situation.

This is why most of the people are try to wonder if the current system will be able to change the lives of citizens. The system is most widely used in developed countries like USA, China,Japan and many more others. This is why there is a worry if the system will work here in Kenya which is still a developing country.

Do you think the system will work? Comment your opinion below without forgeting to share, like and follow my channel for more information. Thanks may God bless you.

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