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Problems Facing Junior Secondary Schools In Various Parts Of The Country

It has been an entire month of idleness, with head teachers and education officials trying every method to find teachers to help teach. Many schools in various parts of the country are suffering from a shortage of teachers, books and poor infrastructure.

The Secretary of the Teachers' Union KNUT Kakamega branch, Mr Tom Ingolo, says that except in a few schools, in general students have lost a whole month without academic activities. "Some schools have two teachers to train 500 children. How will those two teachers be able to train that large number?" he asked.

Mr Ingolo told Taifa Taifa Leo newspaper that, although there are 12 compulsory subjects, the government has distributed books for only three subjects. Home Science, Agriculture and Life Skills.

In Vihiga county, the Head of Education Ms. Hellen Nyang'au said, primary school teachers with diplomas or degrees were asked to help train JSS. "The head teachers talked to those with diplomas and degrees so that they could help. There are 12 subjects that students study," he said. 

The situation is not different in Kisii County where although some schools have started classes, there are few teachers. In a school in Mogonga, Bomachoge Borabu Constituency the TSC sent two teachers two weeks ago. In one of the lessons that Taifa Leo attended, a new teacher finished one lesson and immediately started teaching another lesson. 

"It's boring. I am not proficient in all subjects but you have seen me taking another subject. That is the reality. There are only two of us brought here for JSS but it is difficult to manage three classes in which students have to take 14 lessons," lamented the new teacher who did not want to be named for fear of being punished even though he got a job recently.

 In Coastal counties, heads of education admitted that there is a challenge in studies in Grade 7 because of the shortage of teachers and books.


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