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The best decision I ever made

Immediately after finishing my high school , I tried to figure out what to do. I was caught in dilemma since I had many options. After finishing high school, most students are normally tired to continue reading and often prefer a break as they engage in income generating activities. Others normally decide to go and undertake computer packages and driving lessons to pass time since the holiday is normally too long. I decided not to do either of the above and instead i tried something different. As my peers were going the other direction i decided to choose another option. The decision I made was that I was to do a professional certificate known as CPA. For those who have not heard of it before, CPA is an acronym for Certified Public Accountant. Many people normally fear it because they believe it is hard. The reason being they normally think of it as a hard nut to crack due to its rigorous nature made even worse by computations. It is better not to listen to critic and instead to try to focus on the broader objective. The exam may not be easy either because if it was easy everybody would do it. It is however easy for those willing to go an extra mile. I believe if I did it you can do it. You only need to understand some fundamentals. First and foremost, CPA exam is offered by KASNEB. It stands for Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board. It consists of six sections: Each section contains 3 units. It is also divided into parts. Part one consists of section one and two. Part two consists of section three and four while the final part which is part three consists of section five and six. In total you must sit for at least 18 papers before you become an accountant or auditor. You can't proceed to another part without completing the lower part but you can also combine units so long as they belong in the same part and do them all together i.e you can do section 1 and 2 combined. You should only combine if you have self discipline. Self discipline is the ability to learn to say NO to non essential activities. This refers to activities which don't add value to the final goal of passing your exam. CPA needs thoroughness from the start. When you begin, develop a timetable that will help you cover the whole syllabus on time. You must sacrifice a lot of things to be able to pass the exam. An old adage goes that you cannot serve two masters at ago. Diverting most of your energy in activities like partying will live you with little time to study for the exam. That means exam will come when you are not prepared and probability of failing will be very high. Passing exams will cost you since their is no shortcut to success. You have to be willing to do what it takes. CPA requires thorough reading, identifying best retention ways of information like spaced repetition and ensuring you are able to cover the syllabus in time since it allows you a study period of less than 5 months. It is offered semi-annually, we have May sitting and November sitting. People have passed before and you too can. Just change your mindset and work hard. Benefits of completing are numberless as you finish the last section. After being a finalist you are required to work for at least two years before registering yourself with professional body that guides the conducts of accountants and auditors known as ICPAK. ICPAK stands for Institute of Chartered Public Accountants of Kenya. Becoming a member is advantageous as you will be able to attend seminars organized by KASNEB and you are allowed to open your firm and practice as an Accountant.

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