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List Of Kenyan Billionaires Who Attended Same Schools As President Uhuru.

Education is seen as the key to successful life hence most people tend to spend their money to make sure their children gets quality education for future. Most prestigious schools tend to teach even co curricula activities, foreign languages among others. The following are five Kenyan billionaires who went the same school as president Uhuru in Nairobi.

Uhuru Kenyatta- he joined Saint Mary's High school Nairobi between 1969 and 1972. He liked Rugby and he was accorded no special treatment in classrooms since his father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta told the teacher to teach his son the same way as the other students.

Gideon Moi- He is the current senator of Baringo and the son of the second president of the Republic of Kenya late Daniel Moi. He joined Saint Mary's High school as hills father had a deep love for education when he was alive. This means that his children can join any prestigious school ever to get knowledge.

Jimmy Wanjigi- he a Kenyan billionaire, who is a business person and a politician. He also joined Saint Mary's High school Nairobi.

Muhoho Kenyatta- he is a director and CEO of brookside company owned by Kenyatta family. He also joined Saint Mary's High School Nairobi same as his brother Uhuru Kenyatta.

Jeff Kionange- He is a renowned Kenyan journalist and president Uhuru cousin. He also scholled at Saint Mary's High school Nairobi.

The success in education grants success in life also hence education becomes a key to success. But not only education but also co curricula activities are beneficial in identification of the best likes in human life nartued while at the school.

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