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Five Teachers Arrested By Police For Caning A Class Eight Child From St Augustine

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The incident of teachers beating up students has become a major challenge in the country.

Many students have been canned by their teachers so that they can change their behaviors or improve in their studies.

Nowadays parents do not want their children to be beaten by the teachers and this is a challenge.

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Today in a post by Billy Miya,there was a post where five teachers are said to have been arrested by police for caning a class height student.

The student was studying from st Augustine Mukumu boys primary school.

Netizens have reacted differently others quoting bible where it says spare the rod and spoil the child and others saying charity begins at home.

Other Netizens have reacted differently and they had this to say,

Benson Mutuah,"just teach and go home. Yule anataka kusoma atasoma yule ataki kusoma aendelee kutupa fees ya mzazi."

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