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College Education


Type of people you will always find in universities and colleges.

Places of higher learning are the best places someone should go after high school. These are the places where you learn about yourself, how you can survive the wrath that this life carries and as well build your career.

However, things normally don't go as expected and therefore everybody develops his/her own character that after some time becomes known by most people.

Here are some of the types of people you'll meet in any campus.

1. The bookworm.

This kind of person will always be found operating between library, office of the lectures and classroom. They know everything related to the unit he/she is studying. When exam time comes everybody always wants to sit around them because they'll assist by giving you his paper to copy. After all why should a comrade fail an exam when you can assist him/her to pass.

2. The preacher.

This the school pastor. He only talks things related to the bible. He so strong and powerful that no Christian Union meeting can go on in his/her absence. Most of the time he misses classes in order to spread the word of God.

3. The cool kid.

These are special kind of comrades who always walk alone in groups with people of the same class as them. They always talk about there parents' wealth, the best cars, biggest rappers in U.K. Girls always flock around them because they have money. They don't attend classes.

4. The partyholic.

Cool kids are also found here. Every weekend the always have a party to attend. If you want weekend hangouts just make friends on Friday with them by promising alcohol and you'll be sorted.

5. The 'womanizer'

Apart from the huge units he's studying, he has added one on top; women. He has f***ked a quarter of the total girls in the school. He plays his game so well that none of his many girlfriends knows he is a cheater. He is also a deadbeat dad.

6. The fashionist.

This one knows everything about fashion. He dresses like a king every week. Some of his clothes you'll only wear in your dreams. He's so clean and smells good. Girls always hang around him. You'll only realise through rumours that he is a notorious drug Lord.

7. The rumour monger.

Usually a lady. She knows everything private about you. She knows who was dumped recently, the one with HIV and even lectures' private life.

8. The politician.

During campaigns in school he is always hired to campaign for the best leader. He also knows about the country's politicians and you can not challenge him in a debate related to them. After school elections he is normally abandoned like an old cloth.

9. The upcoming artist.

These came to college to study an engineering course. Things became tough that he decided to leave his course in the hand of God to focus on his 'talent'. Everytime you meet him he's always shaking his head as he throws lyrics from here to Timbuktu. There talent never pays.

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