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Give Trained Teachers Priority In Army Recruitment To Solve Education Crisis In North Eastern

North Eastern is one of the parts in Kenya that are face by some challenges as they are mostly attacked by the terrorist. This have been a challenge to teachers who are posted to this place as there is no security in the area. The security forces that are in this places are mostly Kenya army.

Kenya army is one among the three departments of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) main mission of KDF is the defence and protection of the sovereignty and territorial intergrity in Kenya.

Kenya Defence Forces is under the Ministry of Defence currently headed by Ambassador Monica Juma. KDF recruitment is always done on a yearly basis. It always attracts many applicants from all over the country.

KDF selection criteria is always based on the following qualifications, applicants must;

1. Be a Kenyan citizen without dual citizenship

2. Have a minimum KCSE mean grade D(plain)

3. Have an Identification Card (ID)

4. Meet all the medical and fitness requirements for KDF recruitment

5. Have a clean criminal record

6. Be between 18 to 26 years of age

7. Have a minimum height of 1. 60 metres for men and 1. 52 metres for women

8. Have a minimum weight 54. 55 kg for men and 50 kg for women

9. Female candidates must not be pregnant at the time of recruitment and the entire training session

According to the study, these are the requirements that most trained P1 teachers, diploma and degree graduates possess. For this reason, collaboration between teachers service commission (TSC), KDF and Ministry of Defence in ending the education crisis in North Eastern parts of Kenya.

Due to constant attacks, TSC at some point withdrew non local teachers from Mandera, Wajir and Garissa to ensure the safety of the teachers. This created a staffing crisis in North Eastern primary and secondary schools. Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers(KUPPET) and Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) were against the push by leaders from the region to have teachers deployed in the region without ensuring their safety.

For this reason, the government should consider education graduates from Universities and colleges who are unemployed to be given first priority in the military and police recruitment. These individuals will undergo training just like other soldiers hence giving them a chance to teach and at the same time offering security in the region. This would help to solve education crisis in this area as the security personnel and educators would be available.

Content created and supplied by: Abedkiprosing (via Opera News )

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