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What You need to have achieved to be a professor in Kenya and the entire world

Professor is a higher academic rank at universities and other post secondary education and research institutions in most countries.Professors are regarded as the most learned fellows. It is however, true since becoming a professor is not quite easy. It requires a lot of sacrifice and takes quite some time to earn the title. Professors earn a lot of respect starting from the learning institutions and even in several organisation's.

There several steps that you need to undergo through academically to earn the title professor. These qualifications are stipulated below:

You need to earn an undegraduate degree. To proceed to masters straight away you need to have attained a first class or second class upper honour. However if you have not attained the later, you would be required to work for atleast 2 years. The work should be in your area of expertise that you studied. After gaining some experience then you can proceed to pursuing masters degree.

Earn a masters degree the next step in the journey of becoming a professor is acquiring a graduate degree. After completion of masters one can become a University assistant lecturer or Lecturer in colleges and other institutions. Masters degree takes atleast 2 yrs. After earning masters degree one should work under the supervision of a professor as the person works part time.

Attainment of PhD is the next step in becoming a professor. At this stage the graduate is referred as doctor - - -. Under this stage one needs to acquire post-doctoral experience. At this point some students choose thesis, conduct research and write a dessertation exploring the results of their research. The student then has to defend the dissertation successfully in front of a committee(Professors).The doctorate degree takes atleast two years.

After completion of defending the thesis, one becomes an associate professor. To finally earn the title professor one must have taught University for atleast two years.

Professors are highly educated fellows in the entire world.

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