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Well-wishers From Kirinyaga County Pays Full Fees For A Boy From Humble Family To Go To University

When Ian Karanja first came to the attention of the media, he was making a plea for financial assistance so that he might enroll in college and study nursing in order to improve the lot of his modest family.

A few days later, Karanja reported at Kirinyaga University, thanking Kenyans of goodwill led by Kameme FM host and comedian Muthee Kiengei for their assistance.

Muthee revealed to the people who follow him on social media that Karanja was accepted to the Institute despite the fact that the deadline for admissions had passed. This was made possible by the registrar at the institution.

Ian Karanja Mrugi is currently enrolled at Kirinyaga University working for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree that he has always wanted to earn. "Received by Mr. Wallace Kamau, Registrar of the Kirinyaga university," he stated.

In spite of the fact that the registration deadline had passed, he said, "Appreciation to Mwaura Muiru for simplifying the process of registering,"

Muthee mentioned that the institution's register had committed to supporting Ian through the university's innovative and student-friendly programs. As a result, Nepal has asked Interpol for assistance in locating the missing cricket star.

According to Muthee, Karanja will be able to continue his education without interruption for the next four years because well-wishers gave sufficient monies to pay his tuition for the first year all the way through the fourth year.

He thanked those who contributed by saying, "Kiengei Live and Kameme tv I take this occasion to thank everybody who took part and offered a coin towards Ian's future, its four years entirely settled charge."

"We have left Ian in tears, and my last words to him were, "See you in the graduation square, Mr. Ian, first-class honors,"" he added. "We have left Ian in tears."

Concerns about how the hostel rent would be paid were put to rest when Karanja was offered a free place to stay at one of the hostels until he graduated from school. Although Karanja will be required to stay in a hostel, these concerns have been alleviated. is the cited source.

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