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Most Marketable Certificates Courses in Kenya 2021

Education is the only gift that a parent can gift his/her children. Today, life without education is not interesting at all though there some people who make it in life even without education papers. That is their luck, but generally to be successful in life you must have education. If you have just finished your secondary School level and you are stressed on what next now that you didn't qualify for university, I want to tell you there is still an opportunity to further your studies. 

1. Certificate in business administration. Today, many people in Kenya have invested so much in businesses, so their is need for people to manage their businesses, if you have studied business in high school, this is your course if you got a D plain and above.

2. Certificate in information technology, today organizations and businesses are operating through technology. Everything is being done on computers. With knowledge in IT you will be in a good position to get job in Kenya.

3. Certificate in electrical and electronic engineering, this is a course to do if you are good in science, more so in chemistry and physics, a knowledge in mathematics is also highly needed. Everywhere in Kenya, electrical works is there. This is a good course for you.

4. Certificate in catering and accomodations operations, this is a very decent course in Kenya. Many people have invested in building of accomodations houses so there is a need to do this course since the opportunity for jobs are there.

5. Certificate in purchasing and supplies. Today companies have started supplying their products and services to their customers in their places. People with knowledge in purchasing and supplies are need in these companies. I encourage you to do this course.

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