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Students Who Intend to Train as Teachers Should Take Note Of The Following Qualifications

Teaching is a good profession and as some put it, it's a noble one. For a long time from the past, teachers have been regarded with high esteem and all this is courtesy to the work they do.

Imagine all the way from your pre primary level through secondary to college or the furthest level of education you attained, it was all due to the efforts of teachers. Efforts in which you cannot devalue one level in favourism to another, simply because all levels are equally important.

A college tutor can have no students to train if secondary school teachers do not teach and produce learners. Similarly, secondary school teachers depend on learners produced by primary school teachers and the learners are graduands of pre primary teachers who are commonly referred to as Early Childhood Educators.

To train as a teacher, there are the most current qualifications which were laid down by educational stakeholders including ministry of Education and the teachers service commission.

Primary teacher education

Those interested in primary teacher education, the current level of training is a Diploma in the course.

For one to qualify, you will need to attain a C plain in KCSE. In addition, one needs to obtain a C Plain in the following subject. Mathematics, English and Kiswahili, one of the science subjects and C plain in the remaining category of subjects.

Secondary teacher education.

For those interested to be secondary school teachers, they have an option of training for a degree or diploma.

For the Diploma course, the current qualification is a mean grade of C+ and which is also required for the two teaching subjects one intents to train for.

For the degree course, one is also required to obtain C+ as mean grade and also in the subject they intend to train for. A diploma in education from a recognized college is also accepted for one to train for degree.

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