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Why KNEC Invigilators & Supervisors Should Not Assume Updating Their Details on KNEC Portal

The country is preparing for the National exams from tomorrow in all the public and private schools.This will see thousands of students sit for their game changing exams after a long stay at home due to Covid 19 pandemic.The teachers have done their parts by making sure that the syllabus is completed without hitches.The serious candidates too have fully revised for their exams to avoid letting themselves down,their parents and teachers too.There are some students who will not enjoy doing exams having landed in the hands of the police officers due to their unlawful behaviours like torching of schools.

TSC together with KNEC have identified the supervisors and invigilators for the coming exams.The teachers have downloaded their letters from the KNEC's portal.Today,most of the services have gone online.After downloading the letters,the teachers are supposed to take the letters to their headteachers for certification then to the County or Sub-County examination officers for the same.However,many teachers don't do this having known where they have been posted to.This would probably be due to the distance and the costs to these offices.

KNEC wants the teachers to regularly update their details on its portal.This is because some teachers have advanced their studies,some have gone for transfers and KNEC may not have their details immediately.It is the teachers to inform KNEC through the regular updates.In circumstances where there are messes in exams by teachers, KNEC may have ample time to trace the teachers just using the details such as work station.Besides that,KNEC pays teachers through MPESA.A teacher who changes his or her phone number without updating it on the portal may fail to get the pay.The last page on the KNEC's manual below stresses to the teachers on the updating of their details.

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