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Teachers Cry Of Problems In Medical Scheme By Employer

The problem with the AON medical scheme as explained by teachers seems to be far much from coming to the end. The scheme which started as a new Dawn still remains to be a mystery to the teachers.

Teachers are now blaming it for poor management from the employer. The scheme is purely managed from the teachers service commission. How it's done is always a question to the teachers who are the beneficiarries. The commission fails to explain how its done.

Teachers are saying the scheme is not accessible. For you to be funded through the scheme you need to be in certain hospitals. Those hospitals sometimes lacks medicine. You won't be able to use the scheme. It's such serious.

Bureucraccy and corruption at its peak in the scheme. You dare raise the issues and you find yourself transferred. It's exactly what has happened to several teachers who have been transferred to distant areas to avoid raising such pertinent issues over the employer.

Some teachers are dump to comment for they fear for their jobs. However, we wish them all the best. Thanks.

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