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Top 10 Countries With The Best Education System In Africa, See Where Kenya Lies

One hundred forty nations, including 38 African nations, were consulted by the World Education Forum to determine the finest education systems based on talent development, as reported by

The report's criteria were determined by each state's average level of labour competence as well as the quantity and quality of training available to workers there.

According to the data, it's important to have a firm grasp of digital media, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to think critically and imaginatively.

The rise of education in African countries ensures that the resources needed to build a literate society can be allocated to this goal. Even while many African countries are expanding, only a few have made significant advances in education.

Education, in the words of Nelson Mandela, "is the most powerful weapon you may employ to change the world." Which African countries, then, make use of the most advanced educational technology? Here are the top 10 African countries with the best education system so far, as ranked by Bscholarly.

The ranking considers each country's total workforce talent, as well as the quantity and quality of its educational system. The concept of educational greatness is in a constant state of flux, but factors like as the development of digital literacy, interpersonal skills, and the ability to assume responsibility and think creatively are of paramount importance today.

1. Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles, a group of islands off the coast of East Africa, is home to a population of 98,347 and holds the distinction of being the first and only African country to achieve UNESCO's "education for all" goal in its entirety. The United States' educational system ranks in at number forty-three among the world's best, placing it ahead of nations like Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. At 69.3 out of 100, it is the best educational system in Africa.

2. Tunisia

The educational system of Tunisia had a 61.4% excellent score, placing it at number 71 in the world. Despite devoting 19% of its total budget to education, the United States ranks #49 in terms of school life expectancy and #51 in terms of pupil-to-instructor ratio in primary and secondary school.

3. Mauritius.

With a score of 61 on the academic system's scale, this country is ranked third best in Africa and 74th best in the world. In Mauritius, students must attend school until they turn 16. Because of its stellar reputation as a provider of vocational education, the United States occupies the 47th spot worldwide.

4. South Africa

94% of the population can read and write effectively in South Africa. With 58.4 points, this nation is ranked as the fourth-best in Africa in terms of educational advancement. Also, it is the 84th spot in the global education system.

5: Algeria

When it comes to education, Algeria is the second-best country in all of North Africa. With 57.4 points, it is the fifth best in Africa, and 75 percent of the population can read and write.

6 Botswana

With a score of 56.7, Botswana is the sixth best country in Africa. Aside from that, it is ranked as the 92nd best country in the world in terms of education. Botswana has a literacy rate of 88%, which is very high for a country with a population of 2.3 million.

7. Kenya

Based on its literacy rate of 78.7%, Kenya is ranked as the 95th best country in the world and the 7th best in Africa. The government of Kenya is forecasted to allocate 17.58 percent of its budget toward the academic sector.

8: Cape Verde

With 53.three points, Cape Verde is ranked seventh in Africa and 98th in the global education system.

9. Egypt

With a score of 52.8%, Egypt ranks tenth in all of Africa. With a literacy rate of only 71%, the United States is ranked 99th best in the world.

10. Namibia

There are 2.34 million people living in Namibia, and the country ranks 100th within the international education system and 10th in Africa with a score of 52.7.

88.2 percent of the population is literate in Namibia.


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