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Transformation expectations of education globally after the Covid-19 pandemic

The fulmination of Covid-19 pandemic for all over the world has had severe damage in all fields and sectors predominately after it claimed enormous lives for all sects; whether adults or young people, definitely the education sector is the most affected one owing to confusion caused by this deadly globally epidemic. Two scenarios manifest on the horizon as the consequences of the Corona pandemic on education. First scenario: the return of learning inside schools again as long as the effectiveness of vaccines used to protect against the infection of corona and the mutated strains of this virus would have proven. Second scenario: fulfillment of some crucial factors like; walking the same followed procedures in the whole world called distance learning or online education and performing exams via the internet.

The first scenario relating to the return of studying at schools needs some crucial factors. International organizations should co-operate together for re-opening schools globally under spreading Covid-19 pandemic everywhere; UNESCO is considered the first on the top list of these organizations about this context.

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational; it is considered a scientific and cultural organization that intends to build security and safety in education, science, and culture. UNESCO's programs facilitate the achievement of the sustainable development goals; adopted by the UN General Assembly, its crucial role during the next pace is to save effective vaccines to all staffs that belong to the educational environment, supporting all precautionary procedures within schools, besides providing the healthy diets, medical protocol, and the programs for increasing the awareness of students about healthy nutrition and hygiene to their health. 

The second scenario of getting distance learning would inevitably be applied in case spreading Covid-19 virus and its mutated strains to more than expectable rates; online education would become absolutely the only choice for all; a limitless number of students in the whole world recently went to depend on the procedure of online education to complete their study in a trial to overcome Corona quarantine and schools closure, if the situation went to the worst, there would be no choice otherwise that to follow.

Distance learning is an alternative plan of the non-return of studying at schools; distance learning via using the educational platforms on the internet that fundamentally depends on technology and artificial intelligence for getting convenient education for all various curricula, but the availability lack of adequate internet connectivity for all students and teachers could obstacle achieving the promising outcomes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to critical harm on students’ learning performance worldwide that never encountered before. Education methods have diverged in their reactions into this context. Some have introduced schooling programs through remote learning, offering online resources for free, others have delivered paper-based assignments to students’ homes or prepared papers like academic researches by students; to be sent later on mail, these researches are about specific topics appointed before by the teacher, meanwhile taking into consideration of the trend of REDS.

REDS is a modern trend based on the mutual effort under the Global Education Coalition sponsored by UNESCO that seeks to support comprehensive learning opportunities for children and youth in the context of educational disruption caused out Covid-19 pandemic and to perform new strategies to develop more open and flexible education policy for the future.

REDS aims to handle the information gap by collecting universally comparable data coming out of governments, administrations, teachers, and students, on how they are steady by for distance learning in times of school closures, as well as during subordinate re-opening stage, and recognizing the most suitable measures that grant all students with the opportunity for getting continue learning.

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