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Reasons Why Many Students Fear Pursuing Education in University

From time immemorial, teaching profession is always treated as a very noble profession. Jesus was addressed by his disciples as Rabbi which means a teacher. The greatest philosopher in Greek like Plato, Socrates and Aristotle served as teachers. Even though teachers do a lot of work especially in Kenya, they are lowly paid which has resulted to quitting from the profession. They have also been making threats of striking to their employer, The Teachers Service Commission. It is also sad to note that majority of students who complete their high school education do not wish to become teachers.

It is also very hard to find a teacher operating without a loan from the bank. This is the only way to survive and improve themselves. The little they get from Teachers Service Commission is spent before it lands in their hands. If teacher's employer will continue doing disservice to teachers, very few students would be willing to pursue education as a career. 

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