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Top 10 Best Courses To Pursue In Kenyan Universities.

The dilemma of having to choose the best and marketable course to pursue in higher learning institutions hits alot of students and people who wish to do diploma, bachelor's degree and even masters.

For instance the Kenyan market of jobs and opportunities really depends on the choice you'll make. Most people end taking courses which at the end they stay jobless without and sometimes difficult to even find attachments.

This guide today will enlist and get you through some of the marketable courses which will really be fruitful at the end or even give you ideas of business and other working opportunities.


Although one of the hardest courses in the country, medicine is a very marketable course which rewards vere well once you're through.

Pharmacy/ Nursing.

This is a very cool and marketable course if you want a productive future. The health and medicine industry is always wide and personnel and expertise will aver be required.

Civil Engineering.

One of the best and most marketable course since it has more opportunities. As a civil engineer you'll be open to lots of working deals.


You have your A plain then don't hesitate to take architecture, ranked as one of the most marketable and highest paying profession.

IT and Computer science.

It is a dynamic world and everything is moving digital, technology has taken root and it has just started. The reward is appealing.


One of the most stress free and marketable course despite the fact that it is not considered by most of freshmen but once you are in you can't miss job opportunities.

Journalism and Mass communication.

If you have passion and talent in media houses then this is your pick. Journalists and media personnel pocket hefty salaries according to their swiftness and impact.

Hospitality Courses.

These includes hotel management, travel and tourism management, food production and your operations. These courses are good since tourism in Kenya is one of the best performing source of revenue.

Performing arts and music.

If you have talent in art industry then don't hesitate since in this place the human workforce is irreplaceable.

Real estate.

Since it's a new thing in the country manpower is not enough and if you love a lucrative life then this is your fit.

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