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KMTC Courses You Can Persue With A Grade Of D+ In KCSE

Going to school has never been an assurance of academic success in our country with some of the students ending up with poor grades. After receiving such grades, many have lost hope with a belief that they cant secure any course that could duly land them a job.

In as much as many of these individuals who ended up performing dismally in school are encouraged to take technical courses, not all will fall for it. However, colleges have provided a solution to many of the students.

Many people love to take medical-related courses and KMTC has been known to offer higher diploma, diploma and certificate courses in this field.

Here is a list of amazing courses one can enrol for in Kenya Medical Training Collage with a grade of D+ in KCSE.

1. Nutrition And Dietetics

The nutrition and dietetics course will surely secure you a job over time. All you need is a minimum of D+ in KCSE, D+ in English or Kiswahili and a minimum of D+ in biological sciences. On top of this, one should have attained a grade of D in either Physics or Chemistry.

2. Health Records And IT

Health records and Information Technology has proven to ve a marketable course with the advancement in technology. With an average grade of D+ in KCSE, one will o ly require a D+ in English or Kiswahili and a D- in Mathematics. On top of that, a minimum of two years of experience in health records are required and a recommendation letter from the individual in charge of health records in the hospital.

3. Health Promotion For The Deaf (Offered To Deaf Students Only)

Health promotion for the deaf is a very nice and marketable course one should opt for but it's only restricted to deaf students. The course requires a minimum of D+ in KCPE with a D+ in languages such as Sign Language.

On top of this, a minimum of D is required in Physics, CRE, Geography or History and Chemistry.


To complete these courses, you will only need a maximum of two academic years. Kindly share your views concerning this matter, follow and share for future updates.

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