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Secondary Education


Ways In Which Secondary Schools Can Minimize Incidents Of Fire Outbreaks Within School Promises

Many reports have emerged of fire outbreak in some secondary schools across the country.The cause of fire is still unknown and are under investigation.The following are ways of minimizing the incidents of fire outbreak within school premises.

The school heads incoperation with the government should install fire extinguishers in all the school buildings to enable the learners put of the fire Incase it occurs.

The school should implement regularly repairing of meter boxes and change of old wires since naked wires may burst into. Flames when they get in contact.

Installing circuits breakers in all building in order to control amount of electricity per unit area.Besides they should install CCTV cameras to help in inspection inorder to create awareness Incase of fire incidents.

Educate the learners how to operate the switches and caution them through imposing poster to keep on reminding them on the guidelines and dangers of electricity.

Coming up with fire sire inorder to create alertness to all students to move to safety places as well as fire emergency exits in all buildings.

Conduct open forums as well as notice boxes to give learners discuss with the administration the challenges they are facing and take corrective measures.

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