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I Have 6 Diplomas And 4 Degrees At Affordable Price, Babu Owino

The Embakasi East member of parliament Hon. Babu Owino today has encouraged those who don't have degrees to use them in the next general election to talk to him as he has many certificate at the affordable price which he will be selling to them. This might be seen as kidding people who have not gone to school and get the required documents but he also urged the government to reduce the level of education that is required since it will be a challenge to many Kenyans.

The government in recent days have come up with limit to those who wish to contest in any election where for someone to qualify he or she must have a valid degree certificate from a recognized institution. This will affect many kenyans in the country as most of the people are poor and cannot afford to pay school fees for tertiary institutions.

Despite that, those politicians who don't have the required degree but are in the government, they will lose their job in the next general election after the law have been passed by the members of parliament.

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Babu Owino Embakasi East


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