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Top 10 Countries In Africa With The Best Education System

The world economic system assessed 140 countries including 38 African countries to rank the best education systems based on skills and development.This looks at the general level of skills of the workforce and the quantity and quality of education in each country .The factors considered are mostly the literacy , interpersonal skills and the ability to think critically and creatively .1 Sycheles - this country holds for the best education system in Africa and 28th position in global ranking .It is the only country in Africa that has achieved fully the education goal set by UNESCO. 2 Tunisia - the Tunisian government has focused on producing the solid human capital base that could respond to the changing needs of a developing country.3 Mauritius - this mean is because the government provides free education to its citizens and free transport to students. 4 South Africa - the country spends more than 18% of the total government expenditure on the education . It also has the best universities in Africa that compete globally.5 Algeria - literacy level is the forth best education system in Africa. 6.Botswana - provides quality staff training and literacy rate is at 88%.7Kenya ,8 Cape Verde and9 Egypt ,they mainly focus on providing quality education to its citizens by creating compulsory education whereby every citizen must attain .10 Namibia - 100 position in global ranking education system and there is also mandatory education where citizens from age 6-16 must attain the 10 years education.

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