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Class Seven and Form Three Parents Should Take Note of The Following as Schools Close Next Week

Schools are closing next to mark the end of the first term in 2021. This is something new in Kenya for a very long time since the end of first time normally comes at April.

However Kenyans have to adjust for to the new academic calendar which was put in place by the CS of Education, Prof. Magoha on October of 2020 so as to help recover time lost during the prolonged and unplanned break which was brought about by the outbreak of Covid-19.

Photo Courtesy :Prof Magoha

The academic year for 2021 according to the new calender will end on March of 2022 when the current class eight and form four students will seat for their final examinations.

The exams will run until the end of April and during that time, the rest of the students will be home for the vacations.

The Schools will then open shortly after, that will be on May for the academic year of 2022 and the current class Seven and Form Three Students will be candidate.

As a parent, it is important to note that the 2022 academic year will not last for a full 12 months as other academic years do last. Your child will start term one on May and by November, he/she will have completed term Three and they sit for their final exams on December.

It is therefore important you talk to them as early as from now, start encouraging them to work hard and open up their minds. As teachers play their part, play yours too as a parent.

Secondly, it is important you prepare for your child's fees of the final year as early as now. This will avoid time wastage as they will be send home to collect fee. During that time teachers will be busy concentrating on the other students and that means your child will have lost important content which may be hard to recover.

Thirdly, since the duration from may to November is short, there will be minimal vacations and that means your child will not get much time away from school. Utilise the April vacation to help strengthen the weak areas in which your child will be requiring services of a private tutor.

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