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Seven Ways on How to Side Hustle While in Campus

As a college students, you can never have enough pocket money to satisfy your unnumbered needs. After all, there are an endless amount of coffees to buy in the campus cafe, ski trips to go on, and dates to pay for. But since few college students have the time to take on a full-time job, we’ve found 7 side hustles just perfect for broke! college students.

     1. Online marketing.

Online marketing is the current trend of business and big organization selling their products online. For business to effectively reach their target audience, they require representative and marketers who are well equipped individual. Site like ceenote and global internet fortunes are known site that enable youngsters to earn living. College life needs total commitment due to busy schedule but on your free time you need to try and take advantage of such site.

   2. Working as PTA in schools around your campus.

 In Kenya there are much vacancies in school. Most schools lack enough teachers especially those in the area with security problems such as North Eastern counties. College students, especially those doing education and other field related to education can take up such opportunities whenever available. Schools pay untrained teachers a good amount of money that can sustain and even pay some part of the college fee through parents teacher association. 

3.Writing for online newspapers and magazines.

There are so many website that need writers and online promoters, as students you can subscribe to such website like opera and Google site. Working with online website doesn't require much time and expertise but pays enough to sustain a college students while on campus with hard works. Especially students of journalism should be serious about this since it gives them required experience.

4.Take up small business opportunities around your campus.

Campus is like a big city, people from different background, different demography are found in campus. In such society business always thrives so well. Put your pride aside and start seeing business opportunities around you. Yes some students shy away from such minor business like selling second hand cloth and sweets in campus but such business pays off. Remember your first priority is to study not to make money, but let not forget you are soon out to the society.

  5.Work as brand ambassadors.

In many towns companies like safaricom and other telecommunications organization employs sell persons and brand ambassadors. As college students you are supposed to be looking for such opportunities in the town and work as sell persons during your free time. As world is becoming more globalized, international organizations are seeking online brand ambassadors which suits the busy schedule of college students. By take up such available opportunities you can pay some bit of your college fee.

.6.Working in cafeteria around the campus

There are some restaurant and cafeterias that operates day and night, students can work as waiters and waitress during their free time and over holidays. But should not be so naive to be working in bars and clubs just because there is opportunity. As I earlier said your first priority is to study and be responsible person. According to study done by Oxford university most college students involve themselves in commercial sex in the name of making money to sustain themselves in campus.

    7.Work study program. 

 In high school there are manual work but in university the same is named work study program. In work study program university management employs needy students for an academic year and pays them some good amount of money, some percentage goes to fees and some percentage sent to the student bank account for up keeping.

 As college students you are required to apply for such opportunity and you may be given based on the level your needs.

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Content created and supplied by: Mohamednoorow (via Opera News )

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