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Opinion: Things That Hurt A University Student Most

There are things that hurt a university student most.Here are things that hurt a university student most.

1.Online business scummers stealing money through process on his or her business.There are online platforms which cheat university student to invest money to get more.Eventually they become scummers and take all the money and lock their access.This most hurt a university student.

2.The transaction cost made by M-Pesa agents.He or she can withdraw money from the M-Pesa and realize that the transaction cost is more that could be used to purchase airtime.Without knowing, this hurts a university student.

3.When he or she is forced to take a course that is not suitable for his or her life by parents or relatives.Some parents and relatives force their children to do faculty which is not suitable for them at all.This is the one of them which hurt a university student.

4.Failing in exam and is forced to repeat the course.Nothing most hurt a student when he or she forced to repeat the course that has failed.Starting to repeat in a cause which is already over, it is something which hurt most.

6.When his partner end relationship with him or her.Ending of relationship among university student is common.When a partner decides to leave one another, he or she causes a lot of stress to one onother.

7.Parents leaving him or her without or not enough money to use.Every university student admire easy life to live in a university.He or she wants to eat well as other students.When their parents are not providing them with money, it hurt them most.

8.When the landlord harass him or her to pay rent and it is not available.When a university student is forced to pay rent when it is not available, he or she is hurt in her life.He or she will found life to be difficult.

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