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Meet Gideon Moi's Kids and Where They Study

Gideon Moi apart from his mighty political and supremacy battles with the second in command in control of Rift Valley, he is also a family man. He is married to Zahra Bahlewa and together have three kids who though vastly keep off public.

The three kids are Kigen, Kimoi and Lulu Moi who are all students pursuing masters as well bachelor's degrees abroad so that they can also be productive in the society. This where Gideon Moi's kids study;

Lulu Moi

Lulu Moi is daughter and the only daughter to Gideon Moi as well a lady who vastly keeps it cool and always off public limelight for reasons known by herself. She is currently a student at Kent State University. It's not clear the masters she is pursuing in the university as she vastly opts to keep vast of her private life largely off public limelight.

Kigen Moi

Kigen Moi is a graduate from Bristol University but nothing much is known about the course that he pursued at the University. Matters his career profession also vastly remains off public limelight for he is himself not a politician like his father rather a private person.

Kimoi Moi

Kimoi has managed to keep everything about him just private and completely scanty. It's not clear what he does or where he attended school as all about him remains off public radar for reasons known by himself.

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