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The State Should Intervene And Realign Education Sector in Kenya.

Teachers Service Commission has so far transferred 17 teachers who were in the pressure group,the 17 teachers are God made sacrifices for the teachers to realize that it is all the same for all teachers.

There are bitter stories in TSC about the life of a teacher. It is not just about TPAD nor TPD ,it is how the so called teacher manager view the teacher.

Teachers are sincerely admitting that they work with the children and bring them up to become responsible adults BUT Tsc don't reason so therefore, none should associate any one teacher in the negative reactions witnessed in the education sector.

The state must sit up to realign the sector . TSC is perfect but Dr.Nancy Macharia and her team are corrupt and have made TSC a teachers' suffering corridor.

The journey is here and daring teacher should walk the journey to restore the dignity of teaching as noble profession and not one manned by unskilled and semi skilled personnel who must be retrained.

If the Kenya government is interested in education as a means of nurturing human resource ,I strongly recommend they consult the current Kisii governor Elder James Ongwae , I still admire the marks he left behind during his short tenure as TSC Secretary not CEO.

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