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What are Some of Bad Study Habits that May be Hindering You from Passing Exams?

More often learners come to me for guidance in their studying, complain that they read a lot but but their hard work doesn't pay off.

After doing my own survey I learned some grave mistakes that the learners normally make while studying but before delving into that let me make it clear that in this article, I'm going to talk exclusively about academic studies and not any other.

So what were this mistakes that the learners were making? I found out that majority of learners tend to cram the material in stead of grasping the concept.

I remember sometimes back a learner asked me about the difference between cramming and understanding; cramming basically is memorizing the material while understanding involves acquiring the gist of the material. Cramming is highly discouraged except under special circumstances like cramming formulas.

Therefore how do you ensure you are studying efficiently? You don't have to worry, I got you covered.

This is what you should do when studying; try to get the gist or concept of the material as opposed to cramming. Some activities that help to retain the content read include finding a quiet place. Studies show that for serious and deep learning, deep concentration is a prerequisite.

Alright you have found a cool place what next? Wrap your mind around the material and try to avoid distracted whether physical or psychological.

Read the material and once your concentration span expires stop the reading, do not force. Take a pen and try to jot down the main points you have grasped from the reading with occasional reference from the material you have read.

Once you have observed all this, success in your examination will be a foregone conclusion. GOOD LUCK!!!

Content created and supplied by: Mwalimu Khaemba (via Opera News )


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