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"Lanes" Kenyans React To The Expensive Nursery School Gideon Moi Attended

Photo : Kenton School - Nairobi.

The huge disparity between the rich and the poor has continously been a subject of discussion in Kenya and the whole world.

This has brought forward a common mantra that the rich will continue to be rich as the poor continue to languish in abject poverty.

Possibly,a reason for the above assertion could be access to education and the quality of the accessed education. Those doing well economically will be able to afford quality education while the vise versa will prevail upon those who are struggling economically.

Gideon Moi, the current Senator of Baringo and son to the former president of Kenya- the late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi is one of those who attained prestigious schools in their lives.

Photo : Kenton School.

What has caught the eye of most 'netizens' is the nursery school he attended - Kenton School. It is alleged that the school's registration form for new admissions go for Ksh.15,000, an amount which is close to a whole year's fee in some public Day secondary schools in the country.

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